Your Guide to MtG Facebook Groups

This may be a controversial opinion but I believe that Facebook is the best place on the internet to discuss Magic: the Gathering. Twitter’s character limit makes complex discussion nearly impossible; though the memes are great. I enjoy the upvote based organization of Reddit but the community is awfully toxic. Facebook is far from perfect but the groups are a hotbed for useful, lengthy Magic discussion and content. Today I would like to guide you to the types of groups you can find and my personal favorites.

Archetype Groups
I consider these to be the epitome of MtG focused Facebook groups. By joining these groups you immerse yourself in a deep pool of knowledge focused entirely on the deck. This is a great way to learn how to play a specific deck or even learn how to beat it. You will often see ideas spring up in these groups and then they appear in Grand Prix Top 8s soon after. These will help you stay ahead of the curve, shore up your play, and learn from the best. It is typical for experienced players to share their sideboard guides in these groups because they do not have another forum to share their content; one of the reasons we started this site actually. In our discussion group I have assembled and alphabetized a master list with more than 40 of these groups for your perusal. Not all of these are equal though so here are the top three in my opinion:

#1 Modern Humans
There truly is no bias here. I may be a founding admin of this group but what makes it truly great are the 3,000+ members. The group contains pros, GP Champions, and all around great people. The founding admins are Robert Holt and I. He generates Four-Color Humans content in the group, better known as Hot Bant, while I focus on the typical Five-Color build. We keep it organized but we mostly keep a hands off approach.

#2 MTG Death’s Shadow
Though I have not been a member of this group for terribly long, it has been a great resource. They have nearly 3,000 members and there are some high profile players among them. The mod team is not particularly active in the community but the members are well behaved so there is little need.

#3 MTG Modern: Competitive UWx Midrange/Control Community
An outrageously long name is suiting for the largest MtG archetype group; boasting over 6,000 members. The quality of this group comes from the mod team; the founder, Francesco Neo Amati, in particular produces a wealth of content on the archetype. Admittedly, the mod team has a reputation of being overactive but they are trying to hold the group to a high standard so it is understandable.

Buy/Sell/Trade Groups
These are the groups that allow you to turn your Magic cards into cold, hard cash. It is hard to get a fair deal for your cards via eBay considering the 10% cut that they take. This is where these groups come in. Obviously, buying or selling via these groups is not quite as safe as eBay but I have done it for years and only experienced one issue through thousands of dollars in transactions. You post what you have and/or what you want, people direct message you, and you strike a deal. It is typical to request/provide references and payment is typically sent via PayPal. If there is interest I may write a full guide on how to safely sell cards this way in the future. There are many of these groups for a variety of classifications that are just a search away but the three most generic and safe would be:

THE Magic: the Gathering – Buy Sell Trade Group MtG (All are welcome)
This is where you can list just about anything MtG related at whatever price you desire. Posts do not go through an approval process though so you do see some ridiculous things in here from time to time.

MTG SICK deals (Magic: The Gathering)
This is where anything you list must be priced at 10% or more below the low price on TCGPlayer. To stay true to this, post moderation is on. It can take some time to get your post approved but this is the best way to move your cards quickly or to find a sick deal.

MTG Complete Deck Trading & Selling
As the name suggests, this is where you can buy and sell complete decks. The decks can be missing a few cards but you need to be selling at least 90% of the maindeck as a whole. This is where the steepest discounts are typically found as it saves the seller the trouble of transacting with many buyers to scrap their deck.

Ask the Judge
There is only one Judge group but wow it is valuable. The group has over 10,000 members; many of whom are judges themselves that are ready and willing to answer any question you could have. Unless your question is extremely complex, you will have a response within minutes at any time of day or night. However, the group has rules and if you do not follow them you will be banned and blocked without warning. Yes, the kind people that arbitrate the rules in the game place much weight on the rules of their group. It is a place for questions and answers; nothing more, nothing less.

Content Creator Groups
It is typical for content creators to set up groups for their audience to further discuss the topics that were visited in the content. We have created our own group so that our readers can discuss the articles’ subjects and influence future content. Another one I enjoy is Official Masters of Modern. It is more wide-open so it can be hard to find serious discussion but it can be very entertaining. These groups vary greatly based on the tone and focus of the content being discussed. It is common for them to take on lives of their own and share nothing but the name with the website or podcast that created them.

LGS Groups
Most local game stores, if they properly value social media marketing, will have groups to compliment their company Facebook page. These vary greatly but it is common to see people utilize them as local buy/sell/trade groups or to plan out local events. Another useful feature is that many of them present the results of recent events. If you are traveling somewhere for a mid-level event it can be useful to scope out the metagame ahead of time. They are usually not good for competitive discussion but it is a fine way to make friends that share a hobby in your local area.

Format Groups
Honestly, in my experience these are the lower tier of MtG Facebook groups. They encompass entire formats so their member counts are typically huge. This forces the mod teams to turn off post moderation. From there they typically abandon the groups and the group spins out of control. For example, right now my request to join one of them has been awaiting approval for a full month. The scope of these groups is just too wide for posts to reach members knowledgeable on a specific topic. They typically devolve into toxic arguments and misinformation. So far the only good one I have found is Pauper MTG.

I hope that this will be useful to anyone just getting started in Facebook MtG groups or looking to get more out of them. If you are struggling to find a group for the deck you play, do not hesitate to check the announcements in our discussion group. Or if you would like to take a swing at writing content for the site you can contact us directly here. We will be back tomorrow to hear from a player that took a very interesting Affinity list to the finals of an SCG Regional. Until then my friends.

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