Modern Horizon’s Wishlist: Tanner’s Picks

Modern Horizon’s spoilers have begun but we have one final wishlist to go over. We have let our community make one. We have looked at one specifically for the Humans deck. Today we will go over my picks. These are the cards that I want reprinted for my favorite Modern decks; Devoted Vizier, Infect, Humans, Bogles, and 8 Whack.

#5 Recruiter of the Guard
I know, I know. We had this one in the Humans Wishlist. I am bringing it up again based on its applications in creature toolbox decks. These decks often have some issues making the toolbox particularly effective. Chord of Calling is quite mana intensive, Collected Company is wildly inconsistent, and Eldritch Evolution is risky card disadvantage. Most importantly, none of them are creatures themselves. I would appreciate these decks having access to a solid middleground that also works well with the aforementioned options; taps for convoke, can be hit with CoCo, can be fed to Evolution. I fully understand that this card is likely too good in Modern Humans due to the tribal synergy. However, I would love to see what it can do in a Devoted Druid deck. They can go ahead and change the creature type if they want. The important thing is that it can dig up Devoted Druid, Vizier of Remedies, and Duskwatch Recruiter. It would not revolutionize the archetype but it could be a solid roleplayer in the Eldritch Evolution builds.

#4 Berserk
I know a lot of people will scoff at this one out of disdain for the Infect archetype. However, I am fairly certain that this would not break the deck. Even in Legacy, alongside a truly free growth spell, it is usually only a two of. The potential to give a creature +5/+0 or more and trample is great. However, it does ask quite a bit from the Infect player. First of all, it is only as good as what you already have. You absolutely need a +4/+4 growth to enable the single turn kill. Secondly, you really need it to be a single turn kill as the Infect creature will be destroyed otherwise. Lastly, the defensive application is nonexistent. I understand that it can help with a block; only slightly without additional growth. What I mean is that it does not boost toughness so you cannot use it to beat out a Bolt. All of this being said, it is still quite playable and helps the deck to goldfish people. But I would not play more than a couple copies and I would side it out in any grindy matchup.

#3 Breya, Etherium Shaper
You know I had to sneak another human into the wishlist and boy is she a doozy. Breya is very castable and very versatile in the deck. At face value she is most similar to Whirler Rogue. For four mana you get a three bodies and two of them are 1/1 flyers. However, Breya has twice the body and a wall of text. I would miss Whirler’s evasion ability and the fact that it can double with Image but these are small prices to pay. Breya comes with Lightning Bolts, near Dismembers, and even lifegain. You must sacrifice the artifacts rather than tap them but these are very impactful effects. Just imagine getting your Aether Vial up to four and then putting her into play with four mana held up. You could dome the opponent for six, shred two of their creatures, gain 10 life, or mix and match. For four mana you get six power and an outrageous number of options. That being said she is a touch costly, like Whirler, so I would expect her to be played only as a spicy one or two of rather than a staple.

#2 Ancestral Mask
In case you could not tell from the guides, I love me some Bogles. I have played the deck in Modern since the printing of Ethereal Armor. Through this time though, I cannot help be somewhat envious of the Pauper players. Sure they have a junky manabase and do not get Daybreak Coronet. What they do have over us is Ancestral Mask. The most simple way to look at is that, relative to Ethereal Armor, you pay triple to get double the effect sans first strike. So why do I even want it? Redundancy. Of course Ethereal is typically better but I can only run four of those. My most recent list was running Open the Armory and although it has some neat options, I was mostly just playing extra copies of Ethereal at a 1WW cost. I am a longtime defender of Kor Spiritdancer’s role in the deck but I could see the argument that Ledgewalker is better when we have access to a massive powerboost like Mask. Even with such a change, again I think it improves the deck without pushing it over the line.

#1 Goblin Lackey
With Goblin Matron now spoiled, many players yearn for Goblin Lackey. I am in this camp with them but for very different reasons. They seem to yearn for a deck similar to Legacy Goblins becoming viable in Modern. I would gladly give it a shot but I am not a believer. Such a build would also require Goblin Ringleader and fast mana effects to be viable. Otherwise, I think Humans is just the better disruptive aggro deck. I just want it because it would be solid in 8 Whack. Sure it does not have specific synergy with Emissary or Whackers, the ETBs will be wasted, but it does help me to dump my hand. It is not a perfect fit by any means. It will just flood the board and make a whack more overwhelming. It is worth noting that he is very appreciative of Legion Loyalist granting trample but does not work well with Denizen. It is possible that I am off the mark with this one but I have more faith in it than I would a Legacy-esque build.

That wraps up our Modern Horizons wishlists. Spoiler season has been a wild ride already despite the few reprints that we have seen. What do you think is the best card spoiled so far? Which cards are you still holding out for? Let us know in our discussion group. Or if you would like to take a swing at writing content for the site you can contact us directly here. We will be back tomorrow with a Legacy Infect tournament report. Until then my friends.

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