Event Spotlight: MC Las Vegas (6/19)

This past weekend, the Magic train rolled into Las Vegas for the Mythic Championship. Sixty-eight of the best players in the world battled it out in Standard via Magic Arena; the first Mythic Championship to do so. Wizards was kind enough to give us the decklist of every player in the event. Today we are pulling that data together to see what decks stand above the rest in the final days before Magic 2020 and the London mulligan. All decklists are available here.

Top Decks
Wow that is a lot of Esper. The most recent large Standard event was GP Taipei where UGx Ramp took half of the Top 16 spots and only one player was on Esper. However, that player ended up in 2nd place. It appears that the pros followed this thread and found that Esper is the best deck in Standard. Esper did nearly as well as the second, third, and fourth best decks combined. We really should not be surprised that a control deck leads the pack in a Standard format that is home to seventy-three Planeswalkers. The key point of contention for these players is wether they should play Hero of Precinct One. Two out of three Esper players at the MC passed on the plucky token spawner but it seems to come down to personal preference. You do not need to adjust the deck to accommodate it; the deck is playing a ton of multi-colored spells either way. Whichever route you go, you can expect to win a lot of games.

Far behind Esper we have UGx Ramp and Izzet Phoenix. Ramp decks did not have a repeat of their Taipei performance but it was impressive nonetheless. It is still not agreed what the best build for these decks is. Two out of three were on the Bant build, a quarter of them went with Simic Nexus, and one went with simple Simic ramp. Simic Nexus eventually won it all with a more classic list; focusing on Fogs and Wilderness Reclamation than typical ramp spells. Phoenix lists continued to soar, reborn on the wings of Finale of Promise. Though Augur of Bolas has helped to by netting card advantage while walling out smaller creatures. The final two decks that saw significant play at the MC were archetypes as old as the game itself; Mono-Red Aggro and White Weenie. They both look to flood the board with small creatures and end games in a flash. This is a slow format at the moment though so these decks solid lategame tools in Experimental Frenzy and Venerated Loxodon respectively. They were not on top but they are certainly powerful choices going forward.

The Great Wide Other
Among the great wide other we saw three players on Gruul Midrange, two on Sultai Dreadhorde, and two on Grixis Bolas. All of these decks were known quantities going into the event but this is the highest level emergence of Dreadhorde so far. The rogue decks were Bant Midrange, Jund Warriors, and Selesnya tokens. Kudos to the Jund Warriors player as Chainwhirler + Status is probably the sweetest play in Standard. It is somewhat surprising to see Selesnya Tokens sneak in as it has flown very under the radar in recent months. The thing to note here and in general is that none of these decks are bad or underperformed at the event. These are all of the decklists registered by the pros for the event. The percentages are not representative of performance. However, if more than a third of the pros chose an archetype, Esper, you can bet that it the best deck in the format.

MC Vegas is in the books and I would call it a success for Arena. It was true Standard unlike the Arena Mythic Invitational and therefore the results were actually meaningful. We have a few more weeks of Standard to play before M20 and the London mulligan. Do you have the key to dethroning Esper? Which M20 spoilers are you focused on? Let’s talk about it in our discussion group. Or if you would like to take a swing at writing content for the site you can contact us directly here. We will be back tomorrow with another article for you to enjoy.

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