Event Spotlight: SCG Regionals (10/19)

SCG Regionals came and passed and I think many of us overlooked it in the Pioneer hype. As fun as new formats are, my heart will always be with Modern and this was a huge weekend for it. Across the United States thousands of players battled it out at SCG Regionals. Today we will be breaking down the amalgamated Top 8 decklists from all of them. As always, all decklists are available here.

Well folks, we tried to warn you. Once Upon A Time is a stupid good card. The probabilities and potential are incredible. It has proven that in short order by launching Amulet Titan and Tron to the top of the format. These ramp decks crush control and midrange while having a fair shot against aggro. Their newfound consistency allowed them to absolutely crush at Regionals. Now is the time to pack Damping Spheres and Blood Moon. However, you still need a clock or they will overwhelm you in the lategame. It may be time for linear combo decks to make a comeback.

Also in the upper echelon was the now ever-present Stoneforge Mystic decks. This is Modern’s best white creature and you need a damn good reason to not run the package. The most successful at Regionals was Bant with three players but GW Eldrazi builds and UW builds had two pilots as well. Even Esper and Naya builds managed to sneak in. Many folks felt that SFM was being jammed into too many decks at first. But we are starting to see that it was the bump that quite a few strategies needed to succeed.

Just outside of the 10% range we have the Thoughtseize decks. This time though, Shadow outpaced Jund. It was not just the Grixis build though. Green builds with Once Upon A Time are finding just as much success now. Jund is still a top tier deck though and had a strong showing. I think the rise in ramp strategies is a problem for the strategy but they can adapt to anything; does anyone else remember Blood Moon Jund?

Further down with six pilots each we see the forgotten and criminally underrated archetypes. As we hav explained before, Dredge is such an interesting case anymore. Graveyard hate is less valuable with Faithless Looting gone. Dredge is less powerful without Looting. But Looting Dredge facing graveyard hate every round is not much better than post-ban Dredge facing graveyard hate every other round. Alongside it we see traditional UWx Control decks. They simply are not hip when Stoneforge Mystic is available but they are as effective as ever. In fact, Miracle builds deserve another look now that Mystic Sanctuary is in the format. Stop sleeping on these two strategies.

The final two are split strategies. What happened to the Urza decks? Rewind a week or so and everyone was crying for a ban in Emry’s wake. Now at Regionals it barely did well enough to make the chart. If we did not combine Paradoxical and Foundry builds, it would have missed out. I legitimately have no idea what happened here. We also have the red aggro decks. Some went with the ever-popular Burn while others went with my beloved post-ban Prowess. Burn continues to wane and as the hate for it follows, I would expect Prowess to rise. It is an intrinsically more powerful deck but is less able to combat targeted hate in my experience.

Then finally we come to the archetypes that comprised less than 5% of our data set. These were not the most popular archetypes at SCG Regionals but each and every one of them was capable of making a Top 8 run. None of these are bad decks and in many cases they are the underrated archetypes that deserve another look.

Scapeshift (3)
Blue Moon (2)
Eldrazi Tron (2)
Humans (2)
Infect (2)
Ad Nauseam
Bring to Niv
Devoted Vizier
Hardened Scales
Sultai Control

While I am interested in Pioneer, Modern is always going to be my format. Looking at this, I think the Mox Opal ban mania may have been overblown. Time will tell but from what we have seen, Modern is better off without Looting and SFM is a perfect fit. How do you feel about it though? Is the format more fun or balanced than it was over the summer? Please come and share your ideas with us in our discussion group. Or if you would like to take a swing at writing content for the site you can contact us directly here. We will be back soon with another article for you to enjoy. Until then my friends.

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