Brewed Up: Hollow Fox (Pioneer)

Today I present almost 5,000 words on my favorite brew of all time; the build, mulligans, sideboarding, etc. Ikoria and the Amonkhet block come together for a fast, fun, competitive, and inexpensive Pioneer deck. The full list can be had for $120 and if you own the Boros manabase it is only $35. Better yet, you will be a few dollars away from having a competent Standard deck as well.

Brewed Up: Wizard’s Prowess (Pioneer)

Pioneer is a combo format and you need to be ready to race. I find that recent red decks are still holding back to grind though. The format lacks a true sligh deck that can consistently race combo. Today we are changing that. With no concessions made for budget we have a competitive aggro deck for under $100 and if you own Prowess in Modern you can cut that cost in half.

Brewed Up: Paradoxical in Pioneer

This is the Pioneer format's only Turn 2 win and perhaps the best deck available. As early as Turn 2 you can draw through your whole deck, generate infinite mana, gain infinite life, and deal infinite damage. Today I will present the convoluted combos, my current 75, and my verdict on its future potential. If you are a Modern Urza player or die-hard KCI fan, this is the deck for you so come and enjoy it before it gets banned.