Mathed Up: Once Upon A Time

This is probably the largest statistical dataset we have managed to jam into one article to date. Once Upon A Time is an odd hybrid of a Leyline and an Ancient Stirrings. This hybridization really complicates the effect and leaves a ton to be calculated. Today we will cover the odds of opening with one, drawing into one, finding lands, and finding creatures in various builds with Once Upon A Time.

Deck Spotlight: Mono-Blue Tempo

Since writing this article, Turjo AKA xcblaze used this list to take himself to Top 1000 Mythic on Arena. This deck may not receive the fanfare it did pre-WAR but it is certainly still viable. Better yet, it is the cheapest tier deck in Standard currently. Today Turjo presents his build, his reasoning, and advice to succeed with Mono-Blue Tempo.